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Keeping A Level Head During Divorce

During a divorce, it is easy to become overwhelmed and stressed. On top of having your life change, you also have to navigate negotiations and potentially courtroom battles. It may feel impossible to remain calm or keep a level head during these times, but it is possible. Simon, O'Brien, & Knapp wants you to succeed in your divorce case and come out the other side as stress-free as possible. Follow these suggestions to stay level-headed during a divorce.

Keep Emotions in Check

It is completely normal to experience strong emotions when going through your divorce. However, it is critical to manage these emotions appropriately. If you explode at your spouse or act out towards others, this can negatively impact your case. Allowing your emotions to take control can also potentially influence other negative behaviors or coping mechanisms, such as drinking. This will only further perpetuate the emotional cycle you are experiencing. Instead, find healthy outlets for your feelings such as journaling.

Stay Off Social Media

You may feel tempted to use social media to express your feelings with strong emotions. However, this is a poor choice. What you put on the internet and social media will remain there and be documented even if deleted. Negative posts, comments, or updates can be used against you in court, affecting the outcome of your case. Put your phone down and away when experiencing strong emotions to avoid making mistakes.

Act As a Role Model

If you have children involved in your divorce, keep in mind what kind of role model they need. If you keep their best interests in mind, you will be more likely to engage in positive behaviors. For example, you shouldn’t speak negatively about your spouse in front of them. This can also positively influence your own state of mind, helping you maintain a level head in the process.

Know Simon, O'Brien, & Knapp is Here

Perhaps the best way to keep calm during a divorce is to have a team that can support you in the process. Simon, O'Brien, & Knapp has the experience needed to assist you in navigating your divorce case successfully. You don’t have to go through the process alone.

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