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In New Jersey courts, the schedule worked out between parents for spending time with their children after being separated and living apart is commonly referred to as “parenting time” as opposed to “visitation.” Parenting time is believed to be a more accurate term indicating the significance of the role parents take in raising children. Working out such a schedule can be difficult for many parents going through the often emotionally-challenging process of divorce. Sound legal representation from an attorney who can help you focus on reaching a fair plan that meets the needs of everyone can make all the difference in how easily you reach this goal.

At Simon, O’Brien, & Knapp, our legal team has the experience you need when constructing a detailed parenting plan. Our firm is dedicated solely to bringing divorce and family law solutions to clients in our local area. We are here to provide you with tools, methods, and guidance so that you can make informed and rational decisions at this difficult juncture in the life of your family. Our goal is to help you negotiate fair arrangements that will align with your parental rights and with the court’s underlying guideline of the child’s best interests. Where negotiation or mediation does not work, we can apply our litigation skills on your behalf in court.

New Jersey Parenting Time Schedules

Parenting time schedules stem from the issue of child custody in divorce and paternity cases. No two cases on these issues are ever alike which is why parenting plans can differ greatly from family to family. Courts generally favor and allow that parents work out schedules in any way that works for them and that serves the best interests of their children. Schedules can vary widely based on how custody has been divided, on the ages and needs of the children, on logistics, on parents’ work schedules, and on the daycare or school schedules of the children. For example, a parenting plan for parents who have shared physical custody that is fairly evenly split will differ greatly from a plan where one parent has sole physical custody. Each plan is tailored to these factors.

In negotiating and constructing a parenting schedule, the more specific and detailed the plan is, the better. A detailed plan helps to avoid future disputes and the more each party sticks to the plan, the greater the stability for the children. Your plan should address any issue that pertains to the matter such as education, health care, religious upbringing, transportation, and more.

Plans should include details on:

  • Number of overnights with each parent
  • Holidays
  • Summer breaks
  • After school activities
  • How children will be transferred between parents
  • Special occasions

The state of New Jersey does not provide a standard form so parents can create their own formal documents that outline their plan. Once you and the other parent come to an agreement on all of the terms of the plan, it can be drafted into a document that is submitted to the court. Upon court approval, it will become a legally binding court order.

Interference with Custody/Parenting Time

New Jersey has established laws making it a crime for any parent or guardian who interferes with custody/parenting time court orders. Noncompliance with any court order can have consequences including being held in contempt of court, assessed fines, or even jail time. The crime of custody/parenting time interference can carry penalties of a fine of up to $15,000 and three to five years in prison, depending on the severity of the circumstances.

Get Outstanding Legal Support from a Parsippany Parenting Time Lawyer

Parenting time schedules are a key component of any New Jersey divorce that involves children. Our firm has been providing legal support for parents in negotiating, mediating, or litigating this issue for years. We bring a wealth of knowledge and practical experience in helping parents construct detailed and equitable parenting plans that will service both parents and children. Let us help protect your rights and secure and safeguard your future with your children.

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