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Child support is designed under New Jersey law to ensure that every child is financially taken care of by his or her parents. This is an obligation that every parent should take on to ensure the health, welfare, and overall wellbeing of their child. Whether you are going through a divorce and need to determine pending and future child support obligations, are involved in a paternity case involving support obligations, or are involved in a post-divorce or post-judgment dispute over child support, our seasoned legal team can help. We have extensive experience in representing parents who seek to seek, contest, enforce, or modify child support payments whether ever married or not.

Guidance on Child Support Modification in Parsippany

You should get a lawyer for child support modification to make it easier for yourself. Existing child custody arrangements already have an affect on the relationship you have with your children, so it should be your best option to not jeopardize it. Keep in mind modifying an existing child support order, will require substantial information for proof.

Understanding Child Support Laws in New Jersey

Child support laws have been devised to provide children with financial support whether they live with you or not. This is based on the idea that children should receive a share of the income generated by both parents. As a result, the noncustodial parent generally pays this support to the custodial parent (generally referred to as the Parent of Primary Residence) to assist in the expenses involved in raising a child. In accordance with this, the state has developed child support guidelines to be used by the courts in determining what support payments will be.

Factors Influencing Child Support Calculations

The calculation of child support is done by taking into consideration several factors, including:

  • The number of children needing support
  • The incomes of both parents
  • Support obligations for children from prior relationships paid by either parent
  • Alimony obligations paid by either parent to spouses from a prior marriage
  • Heath insurance costs
  • Daycare costs

Different considerations may apply based on whether sole parenting or shared parenting is involved. This plays a critical factor in how child support is determined due to the fact that if a child spends the most time residing with one parent, the other parent will have to compensate financially for that arrangement. You may also receive “deductions” from the payments for such mandatory expenses as taxes, union dues, and more. These state guidelines are applicable in most cases. However, exceptions to using the guidelines may occur in specific situations. These exceptions can include cases where more than six children are involved, where poverty levels apply, or other family or financial problems could allow you to request the court to assess child support differently.

Child support is terminated when the child reaches 19, marries, or joins a branch of the military. Support may be extended past the age of 19 through a court order requested for that purpose.

Additional Considerations in Child Support Determinations

New Jersey courts will also look at other factors related to you, the other parent, and the children involved when determining support obligations. These factors can be numerous including the specific needs of the child, the earning capacity of both parents, the age and health of the child and both parents, the parents’ economic circumstances, and more.

Legal Support for Enforcing or Modifying Child Support

In cases where a parent has become delinquent in meeting child support obligations, you may need to have the child support order enforced by the court. Court orders are legally binding and thus, when violated, can be enforced through court measures. This can be initiated by filing the appropriate paperwork seeking a legal remedy. Additionally, if your life or financial circumstances substantially change, you may need to seek a modification of the child support order to accommodate your new situation. Please refer to our modifications page for further detail.

Consult a Parsippany Attorney for Your Child Support Needs

At our firm, we understand how child support obligations can significantly affect your life and that of your child. Our firm can work vigorously on your behalf to help you obtain a child support arrangement that is fair and just based on the specifics of your circumstances. We urge you to reach out to us for the help you need.

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